The Artist Known as L.A.ONE

Born in 1976 near Bordeaux, of Tunisian descent, now native of Bordeaux, began drawing at the age of three. The journey from Foued Ben Mansour to L.A.One has been of sacrifice, dedication, and his love of art. Absorbed in the universe of American comics, advocate of various schools of paintings and the currents of black American music (Soul, Funk, Hip Hop), L.A.One begins his career of graffiti artist at the beginning of years.

A multi-faceted style Foued Ben Mansour aka L.A.ONE, Lord Akeem is a self-taught painter whose style draws its strength from a singular mixture of influences. L.A ONE combines various schools of painting with graffiti. Inspired initially by comic cartoonists (Marvel or DC combined), he creates his own adventures when the proposed ends do not please him. It was from this that his taste for narrative figuration came later, and his admiration for these masters in the matter immortalizing moments in painting. At the same time, it feeds on illustrations from its history textbooks. He likes the work on period costumes, light and especially the realism of the characters. He also appreciates the layout of 19th and early 20th century posters. And it is later that he discovers and he is passionate about contemporary painting. He eagerly feeds on all these paintings, these illustrations of different eras and artistic families, bringing down the partitions that some like to erect, to forge his own style, his own identity. In the 90’s, he discovered the Parisian and New York underground of rap, tag and graffiti in the magazine 1TOX. Revelation: Lord Akeem was born. Style: realistic portrait. Influences: Mode2, Grand Master Grégoire. For graffiti, he doesn´t hide to have been influenced as others by the styles of Seen, Futura 2000 (New York), Bando (Paris), as well as Bates (Germany). The young man of 20 years then works several techniques on different mediums, from the canvas to the walls of shops, produces illustrations for fanzines, radios, associations or institutions. His first exhibition was entitled "By Any Means Necessary" in 1998, in collaboration with another painter Frédéric Lackmy, on the evolution and influences of the African American culture of slavery to the present day. 

The second in 2000, "Capital Punishment", deals with current events through a "hip hop" vision. The trait of Lord Akeem has the same acuity as the words of the most committed rappers, such as Ice Cube or Public Enemy. Lord Akeem, however, does not like barriers or ease: in perpetual questioning, he is already looking for other frontiers. His latest exhibition "Street Fashion N 'Chic" in 2011, takes him away from activism and is more oriented towards "street pop art" and "urban figurative narrative", which is seen as a reflection of the urban universe and the urban of fashion. A "mirror" of today's society where appearance and aesthetics are above all. Its news Inspired by design, fashion or photography, Lord Akeem works on the personalization of places. He has produced much as a fresco and portraitist in recent years. Solicited by the underground Hip Hop, he produced illustrations and logos for specialty magazines as well as Los Angeles-based bands, including Above The Law for whom he signed the cover of their latest album in 2012, "The ATL Crime Files "(Discovered by Eazy E founding member of the NWA group and the label Ruthless Records)."We must look farther than what we put before our eyes and never be satisfied with the visible."

L.A One is still involved in the music field, he produces illustrations for DJ's or rappers like Lo'Key, ThaYG as well as the magazine "Street Motivation", for whom he paints the portrait of the rapper Tray Deee

(Accompanist of Snoop Dogg in the group Eastsidaz) based in Los Angeles.